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According to Dr. Milton Trager, each experience of an individual registers in his subconscious and programs who he is. In fact, sensory stimulation, emotions, attitudes and thoughts are intimately associated from a neurological standpoint, with the muscular responses. Once an event awakens an old memory, the body mimics the movement according to data already stored. Thus, the tensions stored in the unconscious are consequently reflected in the body.

« There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer. A way in which work as well as play becomes a dance and living a song. We can learn this way.»

Any limitation of full self-expression maintains and reinforces these patterns while causing psychophysical compensations. These events support the restrictive ideas that people have of themselves, creating a vicious circle. Dr.Trager perceived the unconscious as a database from which one can draw and feed himself from renewed or new feelings. Nothing is erased in the unconscious, but we can minimize the negative memories by replacing them with pleasurable sensations. So, experiencing new positive sensations and feelings mitigates these negative memories.

« ... It is very difficult to write on the perception and responsiveness that are the essential conditions of my work. This is not a technique or a method; it is an approach.»

Addressing the unconscious this way provides us with means of effective intervention that affects the source of psychophysical problems. That is why Trager is not intended to move muscles or joints, but to convey to the unconscious pleasurable sensations, without force, without pressure or coercion. This occurs along with maximum comfort so that sensations penetrate the neuromuscular system connecting the brain and muscles. Here's a simple question that illustrates these remarks: "If we learn to love through demonstrations of love, why would we not learn to be comfortable while living experiences of well-being?" That's what the Trager approach offers.

« ... As long as one has not experienced the approach, these are just words. After receiving, words become useless. Words are important only insofar as they stimulate the desire to experiment.»

«... Every little movement, every bounce of a muscle, every thought brings a feeling of freedom and creates an intimate relationship between body and mind.»

Milton Trager, M.D.


An American doctor, Milton Trager (1908-1997), developed an innovative approach of psychophysical integration. He discovered the basic principles, refined its application and witnessed results pertaining to the people who benefited from his intervention.

In the fifties, Milton Trager obtained a doctorate in Medicine and his Alma Mater opened a clinic allowing him to refine his approach and document his discovery by treating children with polio.

While giving lectures and presentations on the approach in the United States, Dr.Trager closed his medical practice and devoted himself exclusively to the training of practitioners and teachers in Trager. He was involved in developing training programs with his first graduates who, in turn, perpetuate the legacy of this unique body/mind work.

Dr. Trager worked over 65 years perfecting his approach, now recognized as a key tool of the integration of body/mind and rehabilitation of movement.

The Trager Institute was created in the U.S. during the 70s. In 2000, the Institute changed its name to Trager International. Today this organization includes some 2,000 members operating within 14 affiliated National Associations governed democratically, including the Quebec Trager Association.

Trager International is the organization that Dr. Trager has entrusted with the ownership of the name Trager and exclusivity of its certification.


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