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Trager session and Mentastics

Softness, depth, lightness, openness, that's the kind of sensation that provides Trager. Everyone can receive a Trager session.

An innovative and distinct touch

A psychophysical approach and technical body/mind education, Trager is characterized by movements both soft as well as dynamic of elongation, rotation, vibration and wave motion. These sensations join the neuromuscular system connecting the brain and muscles. It is a unique kinesthetic experience for the body and the mind and a new way to tackle pain.

An approach with recognized results.

The Trager approach has numerous followers who recognize its beneficial effects in improving several different conditions. This approach was also the subject of some scientific research. In Quebec, one of them focused on the effect of neuromuscular excitability, two others on the effects of Trager on Parkinson's disease, and another on people who have suffered a stroke.

A beneficial experience

Experienced therapists at your service

Louise de Montigny and Denis Lafontaine, are both accredited Trager practitioners for over 30 years.

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